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Traffic Cone

A common safety device, traffic cones can be seen virtually everywhere, from high danger zones like construction sites, to crowded streets and even corridors and alleys. Our Traffic Cones are constructed from hard-wearing, water-resistant, long lasting materials. The cones are lightweight enough to use with ease, yet the base is weighty enough to make it very stable. Be it indoors or outdoors, you’ll always find these devices very helpful in keeping work hazards at bay. And maybe, you’ll even ben more surprised about how extensively useful these tools can be.


  • UV stabilized
  • Good weather resistance
  • Easy Handling, storage and stackable
  • Reflective sleeves for day and night visibility
  • Sand base to withstand wind
  • Eco friendly and reusable
  • Rust free


Traffic ConeSuper Cone

Traffic Cone:

Super Cone: