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Established in 2004, Roto Speed Moulding Sdn. Bhd. (RSM) is a leading plastic products manufacturer in Malaysia. The company is backed by a team of highly trained and dedicated professionals with expertise in all facets of rotational moulding. Over the years, RSM has evolved into a large scale manufacturer and successfully extended its reach to many other countries.

Since its establishment, RSM began its operation by manufacturing plastic thermal insulated boxes. RSM’s thermal insulated boxes were introduced to the market with the mark of quality and distinction. RSM pays utmost attention to every stage of the production. Each thermal insulated box is thoughtfully built with superlative insulation, long-wearing and weatherproof materials so as to ensure the contents are kept at the desired temperature while preserving their freshness for extended periods of time. All in all, the combination of latest technology and the highest quality material has maximizes the longevity and performance of RSM’s plastic thermal insulated boxes.

Quality assurance of the thermal insulated boxes is a stepping stone which allowed RSM to further expand its product line. Since then, RSM has ventured boldly into the manufacturing of a wide array of customized plastic products such as barriers, roller dustbins, fuel containers, port floats and traffic cones. RSM always liaise closely with customers in order to produce plastic products that are aligned to customers’ distinct preferences.

Being the renowned rotational moulding company, RSM utilizes rotational moulding to manufacture cost-effective and unparalleled quality plastic products for a diverse range of industries. Rotational moulding is a plastic moulding technology for producing one-piece hollow plastic parts. The rotational moulding process begins when resin powder is loaded into a mould and is heated at a pre-fixed temperature. The rotation job is done by the arms of a shuttle machine. The mould is simultaneously rotated biaxially within an oven which allows a uniform coating. After the powder turns molten, the moulds will then go through a cooling process. The plastic will be removed from the mould once it has solidified.


Our Vision is to be a renowned rotational moulder in the international market.


With a customer-oriented philosophy in mind, RSM is fully committed to provide high-quality products with an assurance of reliability, ultimately strengthening the customers’ confidence. In addition to that, we have an organisation filled with team-oriented employees, who are ready to service the company in every possible way. In the hope to further enhance our services, our management team is highly open to accept innovative ideas and suggestions from employees.

RSM provides timely payments to the suppliers, at the same time promotes an open communication to resolve any matters that arise, thereby promoting a long-term mutually beneficial business relationship. With harmonious partnerships with suppliers and toolmakers, RSM is able to provide the best product price and quality to the customers.